Janaine (janaine) wrote in colourcopy,

76 icons

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saved 62 63 and 74 for future use
thanks :D:D
taking #s 67-69! they're awesome! will definitely credit! thanks!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... adorei todos!!!

Castanhas do para, haha sua cara esse!! E Chameron is love, no more than hameron.. but love still!
Sabe o que é curioso? Quando eu não peço da Jenn/Cameron vc faz mais do que quando peço.. ou é pq eu não tava eserando mais que 2 dela.. ai vc me surpreendeu? I'm confused now! :S Ahhhhh anyway!! "Never mind" is my favorite of our chanel girl!!

Love them all.. love you!!
Great icons! Snagging some House. Will credit :)
I love your house icons! Taking a few, will credit!! Thank You!
I love #76!!!♥
I'm taking it, I'll credit you!
love the house animations especially 73-4
nice! taking #72. will credit!
Lindosss ♥
Peguei um monte dos animados... especialmente "am I right or am I right??"
aisurha HOUSE FTW
awesome taking the animated ones =D
Lovely work with those ^___^

I took House awatars nro: 061, 071,072 and i will credit you when i use them, thank you.
Those are brilliant!!! I've snagged a few of the House ones and will credit. Wonderful work!!!
I love the animated ones...really god!I´m snagging a few :)
lovely animated ones!

do you have caps for this episode? would you mind sharing?

OMG I love all the icons of ER. You're a freaking genius!
took the house ones :)
I'm taking 38 and 74. Very nice, bright icons.
Great icons! Took 61, 63, 66, 67 and 76. Thanks, will credit when used!
hi there,
you're a previous winner at iawards and I thought you might like to know that the BEST OF 2007 voting with all winning icons of 2007 has just started :)
took #70, ta. :)
took #61. thanks.
hey I wonder what font you used in icon 72? thank you. It's cute.
snagged a bunch of the animated ones thanks!
Saved way more than I'll ever have time to use, but they're so great! Especially in love with the animations.

You're awesome, and thank you!
075 is great!
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