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colour? I thought it was spelled color! You were wrong.

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w e l c o m e !

This is a shared icon journal for ewanism and janaine. It is Open Membership so feel free to join to keep track of updates, but only the two of us can post.
And remember...
-No hotlinking. Period!
-Comment if you take!
-Credit if you use!

a b o u t u s

17. brazil. brasília/df. tv shows. movies. music. books. graphics. cartoon. allstar. computer. lj. iPod. food.

19. south africa. all of the above. sky diving. coconut cream pie. bunnies.

-Please keep in mind that English is not a first language for either of us :)

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Janaine's Resources/Credits

Ewanism's Resources/Credits

l a y o u t

- code: peoplemachines
- background: starlingsby100

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